Ponds and Wetlands

Ponds and wetlands are a great resource with benefits that are both practical and environmental.

Manaia Excavators has been involved in the creation, care and maintenance of ponds and wetlands in the Whangarei Heads Area and can bring invaluable advice and knowledge to your project.

Ponds have multipurposes whether they are wanted as a functional farming resource or a visual feature in a garden landscape. The value of wetlands are now becoming recognised as an important part of general land care as well as for their environmental benefit.

Ponds are useful for;

  • Storing water for irrigation and lifestock
  • Fire protection
  • Attracting wildlife
  • Raising fish
  • Drainage
  • Visual appeal

Wetlands provide;

  • Flood prevention
  • Water storage
  • Improvement in water quality
  • A slowing of the water flow off from the land
  • Nitrogen break-down from farm run-off
  • Shelter and a food source for wildlife

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